How to maintain your concrete driveway

For a fact, a concrete driveway doesn’t need much maintenance like other types of driveways such as an asphalt driveway. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you install this element and use it without taking any care. Look – this is one structure that can improve the curb appeal of your home, and also increase its overall value.

To help keep your driveway clean and boost its longevity, below are some of maintenance tips you should know;

concrete driveway

Clean your driveway regularly

Maintaining your driveway is not as difficult as you think. It’s as easy as cleaning it when need arises. The amount of cleaning required depends on the amount of traffic it gets, the amount of pollutants in the air, and the type of vegetation around it.

Simply buy a broom with soft brittles, which you shall be using to clean this element. Also, you will need a mob and a non-invasive detergent, which you might also need to remove stains and other sticky matter.

Every couple of months, do a simple power washing using your home pressure washer, or simply hire a concrete cleaning company to do this job for you.

Reseal when necessary

Quality concrete sealers help in preserving and protecting the surface of the driveway by preventing moisture from penetrating in the porous surface; thus delaying the effects of weathering.

But even if you use the best sealants during installation, traffic and pollutants will eventually wear it out, and you will need to reseal in order to maintain the protection.

As a rule of the thumb, reseal your driveway every three years. If your driveway gets a lot more traffic daily, consider resealing every one or two years.

Keep spills off the surface

Avoiding all types of spills on your driveway surface is one of the best maintenance methods that most homeowners overlook. Avoid some simple things such as changing your vehicle oil on the driveway. Oils can create ugly stains, which can be difficult to eliminate.

In case you notice any drips or spills, clean them using absorbent products such as cornmeal or sawdust. The residual marks that remain should be eliminated using a scrubbing brush, soap, and water. If there are spills that don’t leave your driveway regardless of what you do, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to remove them for you.

Avoid salt and deicing products

Salt and chemical de-icers are unfriendly to vegetation growing beside your driveway. Additionally, they can eat into the surface of the concrete and lead to massive damage.

When you notice some icy patches on your driveway, spread some sand to increase traction during winter. Sweep such surfaces clean during spring. Depending on chemical products is highly detrimental!

Repair cracks as soon as you notice them

One of the biggest mistake you can make is seeing cracks on your driveway and doing nothing about them.

Look – even the smallest cracks will soon become bigger, and turn out to be a crisis that is hard and pricey to fix.

Therefore, when you see any form of crack, look for the best ways to fix it, or better still call a professional concrete contractor for help.

Taking care of your concrete driveway should be at the helm of your must-do list. The above tips will help you have a quality element that will convert your outdoor space into an adorable art piece.