What Is The Typical Cost Of A New Concrete Driveway?

A well-laid, crack-free concrete driveway will is not only build to offer the functionality it is meant to bring, but it also increases the curb appeal of your modern home, and significantly increases the value of your premises. Whether you are anticipating to install a new driveway or repair an existing one, concrete is always the best and the most practical choice.

Although it is widely known that durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness are the major attributes of concrete, a good concrete driveway will undoubtedly cost a fortune. Of course, you will chuck out a fraction of what you could have used f you decided to use high-end materials such as bricks or natural stones, but you will surely have to pay a price for quality. A concrete driveway is labor intensive, and even if you decide to do it yourself, you will at some point need an extra hand.

Experts say that unlike other concrete structures, a concrete driveway pricing is done using a calculated method other than the square feet price that most people are used to.

So, what is the typical cost of a new concrete driveway?

To better answer this question that many homeowners seek an answer to, it is wise to mention that the price of a concrete driveway is determined by an array of factors as discussed below;

Site preparation

Well, you cannot lay a new concrete driveway without preparing the site. If you seek the services of a good contractor (which you should anyway), he will have to assess the ground, which will greatly help him in determining the overall cost of the driveway. He will have to consider the following:

  • What is the lay of the land?
  • Are there stumbling blocks that will need to be demolished?
  • Is the soil strong enough, or will it need reinforcement?
  • What will be done to drainage?

Every driveway is unique in its own making; thus a contractor will determine the cost of preparation based on the driveway you need installed.

Mobilization of labor and resources

This is another important factor that plays an integral role in determining the overall price of installing a new concrete driveway. The contractor will factor in the cost of transporting tools and materials, and the hourly rate of all the workers needed to complete the project. Basically, 7-10 builders will be required to get the job done. The more intense the work is, the more the mobilization costs.

The materials needed, and how they are transported

First, materials needed to get the job completed also factor in in the overall cost of a concrete driveway. Here, the prices range depending on the cost of these materials in your local market. The contractor will work with the suppliers to ensure the materials are provided at the best rates, and the cost will be indicated in the free quote.

Secondly, the delivery of the materials also comes into play. If you have private means to get the materials on site, this cost will be excluded in the quotation (some cost might be included if you don’t have the machinery or manpower to load and offload), but if not, you will need to pay for it.

The complexity of installation

How much skill is needed? How much time will it take to complete the project? What is the hourly rate for each member of the team? All these factors will play a big part in determining the cost of installing the driveway.


Apart from providing the service, the contractor is also in business and will have to make profits in order to develop himself, and keep the business running. The profit will also be included in calculating the cost of the driveway.

With all these in mind, how much will I pay for the concrete driveway?

On average, contractors in most parts of the world charge $4,000 for a complete concrete driveway.  You can however pay $1,200 for a basic package which includes;

  • An exposed aggregate finish
  • Single coloring method
  • A basic border and stencilling
  • Textured finish

Expect to pay $2,000 for a mid-range driveway. In this package, the following might be included;

  • Use of multiple patterns and colors
  • Use of stained or scored concrete
  • Use of contrasting borders
  • Engraving

For a high-end package, you can pay up to $8,000. The following is included in the package;

Sawcut designs, borders, and customized chemical stain accents

  • Highly advanced stencilling
  • Hand-applied accents
  • Multiple stain colors and scoring patterns.